Thanks for Everything

Halloween and Thanksgiving were some of the American experiences I got to sample in my four years in the US. I had two Thanksgiving dinners in New York, one in Providence and one in San Francisco. I met new people and got to try both new and traditional dishes. It was fun, and taught me that family can be a more expansive term than I had previously thought.

I’m on record for being opposed to importing Halloween to Norway. It’s so obviously a cash grab and an unnecessary, frankly irresponsible push to buy disposable plastic crap we really don’t need. On other hand, dressing up is fun, and I met my wife at a Halloween party, so who am I complain?

That said, I think Thanksgiving would be a far better custom to import. After all, we live in a blessed corner of the world. I want for little, and my children are healthy. Gathering your loved ones to appreciate the things we actually have seems more important than ever.

Instead, we watched people on TV literally getting trampled by consumerism and said: «You know, that Black Friday thing looks great».

Anyway, all the best to my American friends.